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Download game Crossfire 2017

Download the game Crossfire 2017

Game Crossfire from the best games online in the meantime and of the most famous games that carry a lot of children and youth the game Crossfire includes many players from around the world, millions they downloaded every day, it's of the best games in the world

Crossfire game is one of the most famous war games strategy related to the Web since the first version and version had a blockbuster of pioneers and followers online games around the world

The game was developed by smile gave and South Korean company running the game officially on the Internet in April 2008 and won the admiration of many around the world

 Is a game that relies heavily on having a skill focus speed and quick attention is action game and was rated as the best action game in the world and is one of the best action games so far

You should choose a screen name through the flames and the profile selected by which appeal to you so that there are three options will choose between Russian special forces soldier named omoh plus British special air service sas star plus Member SWAT weapons are beautiful and fun strategy game to end like so many games we love and play

In 2014 the game was the first in the number of players where entrants worldwide and then rolled the updates and additions until the year 2016 would not stop updates, they are beautiful and fun game

The game will give you a unique experience with impersonating a soldier and the whole war is from within the games FPS first person shoots and infect other players and should be in the team

To join a game so simple it will be presented to the list and will pick through the fires where you choose the classic Panel and SAR destruction and removal, delete mode and alphabet mode.
As the team battle death will look like the most popular offering rapid fire events so that the image is very good game excellent graphics and game works via fire real cruise on most personal computers and easy to run the game

The game is divided into first and second global risks groups blacklisted fighting each other in large military epic global conflict and each set their own goals

Global Risk is a group of special forces and gets the support of some big countries like America and England's primary objective is to combat terrorism and address blacklisting forces

Blacklist a group of warriors and the basic goal of ridding the world of injustice and tackle widespread corruption in any way but the only obstacle to achieving their goals, which are risks, global

The player can join any online team and complete some tasks for the team and participate in the battle and get rid of enemies, you must be quick at killing enemies

Playing styles and functions

Includes game Crossfire a large collection of unique gameplay types and up to now 20 different type in addition to tasks and advanced missions for each play their own maps.

Team Death Match and is the traditional method in combat where members of both teams shooting for a certain period of time and the winner of the game is the group that killed the greatest number of other team members.

Search & Destroy members blacklisted by placing bombs and IEDs in important places in the game and on anti-terrorism team find and turn off those explosives there are a certain number of targets to be killed all the soldiers of the blacklist and access it before it explodes.

Mutation Mode at first pass 22 seconds and each player does what he wants and then begins to shift it turns some players to huge monsters and a third group consists of monsters and unite all ordinary soldiers against monsters, killing all the soldiers turn the game into monsters and monsters team wins and vice versa.

Ghost Mode by advanced technology that enables members of the blacklist of new technical innovation resulted called ghost so stealthy elite soldiers and do some errands and destroy opponents without their discovery and that technology doesn't know if the player moves or uses his weapon.

Free for All the team will have no basis in this scenario of playing everybody kills some and the first winner is who can kill as many players.

Escape Mode tries to blacklist members escape through corridors and certain gates and global risk team try to stop them and the players can use TNT to destroy walls so escape easier.
Hero Mode, in this case, will turn soldiers into monsters and terrifying objects and you'll eliminate as many of them.

Shadow Mode where the player becomes a fiction and advanced phantom character so play is able to penetrate the security services and convert other team members to colleagues and easily detect shadow character in some floors covered with a broken glass or mirrors, sensors, and lasers.

ZOMBIE MODE four can members of one team only shift for the big zombie characters and start fighting against opponents and get weapons from the military base and the other group trapping zombies and eliminated.

Wave Mode tries to both teams destroy defensive towers for the other team, each group must secure and guarded military bases well so don't explode and there are military raids and explosives and shells in this style of play which revolves in the Arctic

You can watch the video about the game

Source video channel CrossFire NA

Direct link to download the game click here

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